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Listen up people! I say that there should be a category for MARTIAL ARTS in deviantART.
There's a reason it is called martial ARTS, and that it is because it is a creative form, much like dance, mime, and theatre. The category could be set up like so:

Martial Arts> Hard>Forms

                      Soft> Forms

See? Now if you take into account original techniques, or original uses for techniques, then martial arts can easily be considered an art form. Everything was created by something at first, so why should it be different with martial arts?
Finally, I'd like to say that doing this would open up so many new windows for the art world. Thank you, and please help this to happen!
Seriously!! Everyone join me in campaigning to have Martial Arts accepted as a creative art form!

Add this link into your profile or signature!

Campaign To Have Martial Arts Accepted As A Creative Art Form!
bigsgt Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
it's a good idea.I do martial arts>
RainCross Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2008
thats a pretty good idea. do you do sone kind of martial art?
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September 15, 2007
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